Our Kid (2017)

Dir. Will Jones

Runtime: 13:56

Inspired by a true story, Our Kid is a dramatic portrait of a family in crisis.


A mother has made the devastating decision to move her autistic son into a specialist care home. This transition threatens to tear the family apart in an unflinching and emotionally charged short film.

Further Education - Episode One: Jelly (2017)

Dir. Will Jones & Matt Wilkes

Runtime: 17:28

Alfie Wrat arrives at university with a head full of dreams, only to discover that the reality, and his housemates, aren't all that he hoped they would be.

Further Education - Episode Two: Aliens (2017)

Dir. Will Jones & Matt Wilkes

Runtime: 23:00

Alfie is still struggling to settle at university. The much-anticipated visit of an old friend only serves to further alienate him from his new housemates.

Further Education - Episode Three: Sick (2017)

Dir. Will Jones & Matt Wilkes

Runtime: 19:32

After a domestic dispute, the housemates are burdened with their severely inebriated - and already eccentric - neighbour. Meanwhile, Dylan finds himself in too deep with his new girlfriend and Alfie goes on a health kick.

Further Education - Episode Four: Fresher (2017)

Dir. Will Jones & Matt Wilkes

Runtime: 16:15

In the series finale, Dylan hatches a plan to rid himself of his troublesome girlfriend, Harrison seeks to repair his strained friendships, and Alfie has an epiphany.

Swing (2016)

Dir. Will Jones & Matt Wilkes

Runtime: 08:35

This experimental, lo-fi short was produced to evoke the handmade style that was the fashion of the short films we made in our youth.


It tells the story of an awkward teenage boy being guided through a first date by an even more socially stunted somnambulist.

Students of Faith (2015)

Dir. Will Jones

Runtime: 12:07

This short documentary follows a group of young Christians on a university campus and seeks to understand how they integrate themselves within a much wider and morally diverse student culture.

Director's Cut (2015)

Dir. Will Jones

Runtime: 09:53

Todd (Stammers) and his best friend are avid filmmakers - but Todd's obsession with the macabre tests the bond between the two and makes his entry into a film competition his most controversial yet.

Late (2014)

Dir. Will Jones

Runtime: 06:22

A young lad is dismayed when he misses his train on the way to meet a girl. He is, however, consoled by a mysterious stranger who appears by the tracks with words of counsel - though, he may not be all that he appears.

Chess With Twist (2012)

Dir. Will Jones

Runtime: 05:13

A young man playing chess in the park with an older gentleman becomes fascinated by the old man's tale of finding love in his youth.

The Final Frame (2011)

Dir. Will Jones

Runtime: 07:55

When a local snooker legend dies before a tournament final, his son finds himself playing in his place.

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